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London Swimming Pool Company is an award-winning swimming pool design and construction company providing bespoke outdoor, indoor, basement and specialist pools. We also refurbish and revitalise older pools and spas. In addition, our outstanding team of engineers offer comprehensive swimming pool and spa servicing and maintenance. Everything you need from London’s premier swimming pool company.

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BSPF President Reflections

LSPC's Managing Director, Jamie Smith has been the President of the British Swimming Pool Federation (BSPF) for the past two years.  As Jamie comes to the end of his period in office; we asked him to reflect on his time as BSPF President.

Refurbishing Your Pool: When is the Right Time and What Should You Consider?

It's a bit of an understatement to say that this summer has been unusual.  As the global pandemic hit, millions of us were encouraged to stay at home. It is perhaps little wonder that many of us who could, started spending much more time in our swimming pools. The additional hours spent practising strokes, swimming lengths or just relaxing by the pool will have been a much-needed respite, but as you spend more time in your pool you probably began to notice things that might have otherwise passed you by.