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London Swimming Pool Company is an award-winning swimming pool design and construction company providing bespoke outdoor, indoor, basement and specialist pools. We also refurbish and revitalise older pools and spas. In addition, our outstanding team of engineers offer comprehensive swimming pool and spa servicing and maintenance. Everything you need from London’s premier swimming pool company.

Whether you’re looking for a new swimming pool, a pool refurbishment or a reliable servicing and maintenance contractor, call our friendly team on 020 8605 1255 for an initial discussion.

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Spotting when your pool needs attention - part 1

When your pool is in working order, there’s nothing better than swimming a few lengths or even just relaxing on a lilo and catching some rays of sun.  However, when things go wrong with your pool, your swimming experience usually suffers as a consequence.  More importantly, neglecting potential problems when they first appear can result in damage to the pool which will be more expensive to repair the longer you leave it.